The Company

Advitech Consulting, a Swiss boutique advisory firm focused on Healthcare and Fine Chemical Industry, is a member company of Trois I Investissements Industriels Internationaux sa, a holding company active in different sectors as APIs and Pharma, Healthcare Services, Media and Entertainment.

Combining the classic features of the purest entrepreneurial spirit with best practices of professional organizations while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, Advitech gives its clients privileged access to key market players, from Big Pharma and Large Cap Biotech to Clinical Stage Companies and Startups.

The goal? To develop and foster a successful, solid growth trajectory in the client’s functional industry.

The Team

The team offers more than 100 years of professional experience in the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and Pharmaceutical Industry, with a strong background of credibility, unique networking and solid long term strategic vision.

The Advisory Areas

Advitech offers the unrivalled expertise of its team to Healthcare Industry players and financial sponsors or advisors, in order to provide exclusive, customized to the client, complete and sustained support to the implementation and expansion of a long term business strategy.
Its respected legacy is grounded on close connections with a dedicated, affiliated group of companies.

The advisory areas in which Advitech is focused are :

Corporate Business Development

Given the extensive and unique expertise within the private equity and financial environment, Advitech is able to assist its clients on the “Buy” as well as “Sell” side for:

  • ● Strategic options evaluations
  • ● M&A Projects
  • ● Business Due Diligence

Management Consulting & Business Intelligence

Thanks to an unparalleled experience of his team, Advitech can assist in:

Advitech's BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE activities can comfort enterprises to support a wide range of business decisions - ranging from operational to strategic:
• Internal and external firm’s SWOT analyses
• Competition Landscaping
• Portfolio Evaluation
• Detection of opportunities for Innovation
• Internal Benchmarking studies
• Benchmarking Reports on the APIs world

Product & Technologies
Portfolio Management

Advitech selects and develops early stage products for its own proprietary portfolio.

Its development strategy is based on:



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CH-6900 Lugano – Switzerland
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